dont u dare treat ur animals like shit in front of me i will end ur life son

Stop for a second

Take a breath.

You are alive
and warm.
Put your hand on your chest.. What’s that? It’s a heartbeat. Your heartbeat. Your eyes are reading this and your brain in processing the words into thoughts. Think about everything..
.. think about nothing for a while. Sit in silence. Laugh a little. Don’t forget to smile at the person who holds open that door or the stranger beside you at the bus stop who let’s you go first. Share your umbrella when it’s raining and bask in the sunlight when it’s not. Let it kiss your cheeks and create tiny freckles to cover your nose. Say hello to the old lady who is sitting alone.. maybe she has been alone for a while and needs to hear a friendly voice. Visit libraries and spend the day falling in love with beautiful stories. Volunteer at an animal shelter because maybe you’re not the only one who needs some love. Stay up late in the summer to watch the sun set only to see it rise a few hours later. Have snowball fights in the dark winter months and return home with red cheeks and cold hands.

Take a breath.

You are alive. So live.

A friendly voice - D.V.W (via sexhaustive)



Imagine being someone’s idea of perfection.


One Direction - Teenage Dirtbag  16.8.14
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Rolled up jeans + mix match socks= satisfaction❤️

Rolled up jeans + mix match socks= satisfaction❤️


✖☾following back 100%☽✖


✖☾following back 100%☽✖


my only talent is not being in a relationship

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